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  • "The TruckWatch 2018 has to be the best annual publication published to date. Well done FleetWatch team."
    - Max Braun
  • "Vital to the transport industry, informative to all road users, valid early warning to shippers!"
    - David V Davy
  • "# Mr. Patrick O Leary(FleetWatch)*, I thank you for your excellent trucking- magazine*, sir! You are an Ambassador for trucking-safety* in South Africa! I salute you! I had the honor and privilege to meet you in person and you are a `gentleman` in every sense of the word - I have never met a more friendly person in my life! I have great respect for you as a person - may your 5-Star trucking-magazine FleetWatch* grow from strength to strength! Keep-on SAFE-TRUCKING*! Be-Safe sir!"
    - Gerhard Meyer